Rolling with stoner jays

Aspiring and upcoming Detroit artist Stoner JAYs, formally known as Jay-Cro was originally born in Atlanta, GA but was moved to Detroit during his toddler years. Jay’s passion for music was heavily influenced by a family that greatly appreciated music. Jay’s mother raised him on a wide range of music. From hip-hop and rock n’ roll, to reggae and classical. His grandmother, aunties and uncles are gifted in singing. Plus he has cousins that share his devotion for hip-hop as well. Besides family influences, Jay is inspired by artists such as MC Hammer, Tupac, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Jeezy, T.I., Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Fabolous and Eminem. These artists not only led Jay to be the rapper he is today, but they encouraged him to become a genuine emcee.

Stoner JAYs style is a mixture of persuasive similes and metaphors. His music is crafted through lyricism, word play and everyday life experiences. Jay’s overall outlook on music is that it should never be made for one specific crowd. “Music is my life so I try to make music that everyone can feel and relate to. Real hip-hop tells no fake stories so I don’t rap about what I don’t know. I try to find a happy-medium for entertainment purposes but when it comes to my music… What you hear is what you get.”

Having troubles with the law and growing pains with life, Jay took a turn to marijuana usage to deal with his problems and depression. “Weed does more than make me high, it’s puts me in a place of bliss… it keeps me sane”. Growing in the 420 community, Jay has became a supplier for users with smoking utensils. His infamous rolling papers “Stoner JAYs” (jays as in joints) is how he came up with his name. Branding himself around marijuana, females and fashion.

Jay has showcased his talents on a previous mixtape titled “No Panties” exclusively for the female listener but also music males can enjoy. This project has expanded his brand to fashion, video, models, and photography as well. Entrepreneurship has been a key goal in Jay’s development and music. Overtime his craft has improved his artistry for the larger project/album Kush Therapy .

From performing out in Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA with successful propsperity; He still remains humble. Working daily between the internet and the studio to create music. His music appeals to anyone who will listen, so the demographic ranges from high school youths to hip hop fans in their forties. Having his own style and presence on the mic, Jay is an emcee that will definitely give the industry something new to listen too. Be on the lookout for this upcoming artist… Stoner JAYs.

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